• lb italian sausage recommend Gianelli Sausage (turkey sausage for less fat - pork if you're living on the edge)
  • lb penne pasta
  • 1 can pesto
  • 8 oz half/half
  • 1 can pepadew
  • 8 oz parmesean Inexpensive
  • 8 oz parmesean shaved (good stuff)


  • open up sausage links with a knife (or squeeze out of tube into skillet and sautee up using medium heat *try and break up into smaller sizes
  • boil pasta - use salt (about a T) in your water to give a bit of flavor - cook for 8-9 minutes to al dente meaning tender but still firm to the bite.
  • once sausage has cleared the "pink" phase you can add your pesto and cream and parmesan (let it thicken up just a bit).
  • Toss the pasta in and let it marry


  • NOTE: If you want other items such as this - Broccoli / Onion / Peppers (red, yellow, green / pine nuts (you can cook these ahead of time and set them aside - just mix into your sauce at the end.

Great for large or small families and an easily adjustable recipe. This is one I can serve to almost any group with a fresh Caesar salad and bread (just in case they didn’t get enough carbs in the pasta). It reheats very well for leftover the next day or so as well.

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