Chicken is an awesome source of protein.  I love having a roasted chicken on hand, because chicken is what I would refer to as a PPEF – Protein Power Efficient Food, it’s one of those meats that is lean, has a ton of protein, tastes good, low calorie and it has wonderful versatility. You can eat as is, chop it into a salad, make a soup, put it on a sandwich, and make a soup.

A roasted chicken per week is an asset and convenience to a well-stocked kitchen.


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A lot of the time, when there is no time, I will get a rotisserie from the market, but after a dinner it really yields little left over.  The chicken is good but can be a bit puny, so while great for a small family dinner, a roasted chicken done yourself is a much better option.

What I love about the Beer Can chicken, is it is super simple and very low maintenance.


IMG_3707Clean your chicken with a good rinse, get the little baggie of goodies out of the gut and put aside, pat dry. I recommend brining your chicken ahead of time for 12 – 24 hours in a solution of 1 gallon of H2o to ¾ cup of kosher salt, this will keep the chicken moist and add to the flavor.   Open up a can of beer, drink 1/3 off the top. Cram some herbs in the inside (you could also use lemon and oranges if that is what you have on hand)
Add a bit of butter under the skin (you can also just use vegetable or canola oil on the outside – give it a massage). Rub it salt and pepper (you can also use a seasoning if you’d like). Shove the 2/3 rds. beer can up it’s who-ha and place on the grill.  This is where you need to monitor, but step away and let the grill do its thing for about 1 ½ hours till the chicken reaches 160 degrees.

Really, that’s it – the purpose of the beer is to keep the moisture in the chicky so it doesn’t dry out.  As an alternative you could use a can of soda, or even chicken stock