Amusing, this morning I came back from visiting friends and checked on my blog, realizing I have had people commenting on my posts … what? …people are reading ? STOP the digital blog press … it occurred to me that I need to really start to pay more attention and, well … uh answer.

So here was one of the questions that came up, “What’s your favorite protein drink for breakfast? Is one brand more nutritious and full of vitamins than another?”

I probably spent well over $100 in trying out various protein drinks.  I went to GNC, and I bought a box of Myoplex with 40 grams or protein, this was essentially like trying to drink sludge, I had to use ½ the mix on a serving to get 20 grams or protein.

I purchased a recommended brand from the hospital called UNJURY, it was supposed to have no flavor and supplement foods with protein, believe me when I put it in my food it felt like someone was trying to poison me, it was horrible.

A friend of mine recommended six star from Walmart, not bad, still a bit thick, but it was manageable.

EAS Protein Powder

Protein powder for nutrition

I also purchased EAS, this is the only container that I bought and actually finished … I would say that’s a good sign, and be my recommended brand.  However, you do need to shop around and try different things.  It was very frustrating when I redid the kitchen to go to the basement with $80 worth of unused protein supplement.

However, how much protein do you need on a day to day basis and what is going on in your life that you might need or want to start a protein supplement

Most people start a protein powder supplement when they don’t have the time to get ready in the morning … which is valid, but there also might be some other reasons, for example needing more protein to fuel a workouts, especially for bodies that are still growing, some people who are starting a new fitness program need a supplement as they have no lean muscle mass and will need more protein than normal to assist in recovery, There are people who are stepping up their game, and also there are those that might be recovering from an injury.

Whatever the case, it’s certainly knowing a few important things.

How much:  Check on, but based on my own stats, I need about 45 grams of protein per day.  However for me, since I have gone through bariatric surgery, I really am supposed to have about 65 grams per day

What to watch for: Sugar, and calories … check out on the side of the supplement how much carb is in your protein supplement, less is more in this case.  It’s not unusual for a protein supplement to be 220 calories, and while it can be a meal replacement, that is a lot.  I suggest having a ½ of a serving and a piece of fruit giving your meal a bit more balance.

When:  For this, I would look and figure out what your purpose is.  I would also think about when are you the most hungry, my weak time is 10:30 AM, if I can get in 10 grams of protein for breakfast and a ½ a banana it will hold me pretty well, I can then also have another ½ protein drink after work out.

Alternatives:  By no means should a protein drink be your main way you get this nutrition in, consider some other great alternatives, yogurt, lean meats, fish, eggs, almonds are all great.  Also consider for a moment starting your meal with your protein, I love all the naughty things on my plate, but I only get to eat them after all of my protein is gone.

Other supplements:  Instead of trying to find everything packed into one, there are a few supplements worth taking … IRON, MULTI-VITAMIN, CALCIUM, VITAMIN C.  These will help keep you balanced and healthy as well, play a role in keeping up metabolism.