So today was my second appointment with the nutritionist. I have to admit, my work with them has been somewhat to learn what I need to do, but also to appease them. My task, track everything I eat in a diary and to align the things I eat with what I am supposed to eat and within the rules.

I’ve been down this route before, I decided this time to go in with almost near perfection on my papers, but the truth is, I still have a lot of work.

This isn’t to say I’m not working at it, but if I am going through 2.5 months of diet review, weeks of insurance approval, then 4 – 6 weeks of waiting for a surgery date, then I have time, I don’t have to be perfect, I do have to be working towards my goals.

I of course have spent the past four weeks trying to develop solutions, strategies to help me be successful, I also note that the paperwork they are giving me is really crummy. I think I can come up with a better list on my own.

I also think the suggestions they have given, while good, are outdate. We have so many tools (technology) at our fingertips, trying to mentally make note of when and how to do something is a pain in the ass, my solution leverage those tools.

One of the hardest things with bariatric surgery it seems to me is getting the schedule down. You have a lot of daily requirements that are pretty straight forward, but challenging all at the same time


  • Certain nutritional criteria
  • Applesauce chewing
  • Vitamins intake
  • Eight glasses of water not within a 1/2 hr of food consumption
  • Slow eating

When you start to evaluate the best way to eat water / food / vitamins / tummy rest / etc… I gotta tell you it’s a challenge to get everything in and to stay on track.
Now the rules aren’t complicated, actually, they are pretty simple, so I spent some time and wrote out a schedule. I based this on the typical time that I wake up every day and went from there. Once I came up with a daily schedule, I made myself a GOOGLE Calendar with repeating appointments. My hope is that every day my smart phone will go off giving me a reminder to have a snack, water, meal throughout the day. Who knows I might even be ahead of it with a bit more practice.